Happy Holidays Internet Companions. 

Tis’ the season once again for whiskey cocktails around the fireplace, good times with old friends, and little ones eyes filled with hope and cheer for the presents nestled around the Christmas tree. 

Or on the other side a retailers dream! With that said buy a shirt and a cd for the little ones. 

I hope this letter or blog or whatever you kids call it these days find you all well. I am most looking forward to the holiday season and gearing up for the New Year. I might even buy a new leather jacket just to celebrate but we won’t get ahead of ourselves now will we? 

Copperpot news: We are heading into the WXTL ABC 27 Studio December 13th to do a live on-air performance. Apparently 4 to 5 songs so that should be interesting. Live TV always has it’s fun little moments. Shows, Shows, Shows coming up which I am most thrilled about. Studio time to record the next record and I’m sure some other brilliant thing that I haven’t quite come up with yet.

No funny stories have come to pass lately. That must mean I am not doing enough and am finding some solitude behind the TV and acoustic guitar. But fear not I will be out lighting fires and burning some midnight oils soon. 

With that said if you don’t hear from me enjoy your holidays, thank you for taking the time to be a fan, for reading this, and for sticking with us as we slowly climb the ladder. 

Till next year. 



Good morning.

A bit to early for me but alas the day must be conquered and I must be the one to conquer it.

Has it been a while since we last spoke? Ah, I don’t remember.

So much has happened in the last few months that I could go on for days so I’ll skip all that and get to the important stuff. First of all, it’s jacket season. Which excites me to no end. Playing shows in the cold is absolutely brilliant. I also tend to write all my songs in the dreary months so bring on the winter and the dark lager. I’m more than ready.

We stumbled upon winning some show for the Downtown New Years Eve in Tallahassee … The ol’ stompin’ grounds. We have one more round to impress the judges and then it’s off to the races. I’m not a huge fan of having music judged but a show is a show. Funny enough I used to play these stages as a youngin’ when I first started writing songs. Full circle… Just hope this circle is going in the right direction? There’s a joke in there. I’ll wait till you find it…

So what is the horizon holding of us? Hopefully a lot of shows in the Orlando/Atlanta market… and I’m sure Tallahassee we haven’t forgotten about you, you little minx. There’s a rumor of us entering the studio at the start of the new year. This I can tell you is most definetly true. So expect fireworks, champagne, new songs, leather jackets, good hair, and complete world take over by the Copperpots in 2014. See you at the finish line.

In a bit-



To our gorgeous Internet buddies,

How are we today? Hopefully not to hungover? Naughty. Naughty.

Did someone turn the heat up? It’s absolutely summertime down here in the south. How do I know you ask? Well I can’t wear a leather jacket without feeling like I’m wearing a fashionable slip and slide and it has started raining at exactly 3:30 pm in the afternoon, every afternoon. Watching the weather channel try to predict the weather during the summer always makes me laugh. I have these visions of what it must be like backstage at the weather heaquarters. I can see all the weather people kinda sitting behind their computer montors pulling out their hair, taking hits off the whiskey bottle, and going I can’t take it anymore 30%?!? 30?!?! I ain’t got a fucking clue?! At this point it must be the most entertaining show on TV at the moment. I can see the stress on their face. It’s classic.

For everyone living in the Florida panhandle I’m sure you can relate. For everyone else living in their normal neck of the woods… carry on.

So last time we spoke we were on our way to play the Florida Music Festival. It was pretty monumental. The venue was the tits and the party afterwards was something to be written about by the historians. I could attempt to draw a story for you but I’m afraid it would turn out to be a bunch of scribbles and a lot of explemation marks! Normally when the party is that good the details are always a wee bit fuzzy. Just know a good time had by all! You missed it if you weren’t there!!

Well thats’s all for now… I got some weather channel to watch.

Till Next Time-



Ladies and Gentleman of the Internet,

Where did we last leave off? Don’t know, don’t remember.

We have been on the steady track of writing and rehearsing new tunes, playing some fantastic shows, and battling away at this whole being a musician thing. I wonder sometimes where I even find time to write songs with all the other riff raff that’s attached to being a musician these days.

We’ve found ourselves lucky enough to play the Florida Music Festival this year. On the main stage opening for Charlie Worsham. So in our current conquest for fame, glory, and leather jackets we’ve been practicing quite a bit tweaking and fine tuning.

Well after practice at a bar that shall remain nameless and a female who we will refer to as “Honey Mustard” decides to strike up a conversation with our drummer. Now like I’ve said before with drummers there’s always something that is chemically imbalanced with them. I don’t know what it is but’s it like watching 300 space rockets race to the moon all at the same time. Anyway, “Honey Mustard” proceeds to stroke the ego of our very young, very impressionable drummer, when from left field… and I kid you not… she tells him how cute he is and how much he looks so much like Lance Bass from Nsync!!! Now this was enough to make me fall out of my chair, roll around on the floor, in literal tears of laughter. I am horribly dissapointed in myself for not making this revelation myself!!!


Another funny coincedence was I had just finished telling a story about a night I had spent with another member of Nsync. Let’s just say there were some mushrooms, a midget, and a Britney Spears look-a-like.

But that’s another story for another time.

In a bit-



To the readers and subscribers of DAVIDLAREAUMUSIC.COM,

I write this today on the way to a show in Gainesville, FL. Sometimes I swear I feel like I work for the circus. So what’s new huh? I’m trying to rack my brain for any breathtaking stories that will send you into a whirlwind of side grabbing, comedic explosions. But alas all that comes to mind is this story about a Korean bull, a can of gasoline, some guitar strings, and our drummer. Really not that entertaining… maybe next time.

Believe it or not there is nothing too monumental going on at the moment. There is talks of starting work on the second music video and just working on the next record, all while trying to promote our current record. Boring band stuff really.

I’ll be in touch soon- maybe our bass player will forget his guitar again tonight. Should be fun.

All the best.




Anybody still out there?

Ok, good. Last time I wrote one of these I had to put a different two-digit date in the field above!

So with all that out of the way. Happy New Year! I do hope everyone was good and hungover on New Year’s Day.

I’m not going to get into any of the shows that we rounded the year off with in December. Not because they were horrible or anything, just because so much time has passed, I vaguely remember playing them at all!!

I did spend some time in the studio with this other side project that I am playing guitar on. Neil Alday and Further South… heard of them ? If not, you should check them out. Solid songs… lots of fun…and good guys… minus the drummer… he’s a bit of a head case. But like I said before… aren’t they all ;)

Now I know you are asking what’s in store for us this year. Well, lots of shows which I hope will take us all over the place. We are planning the release of our first music video “Good From The Start” followed by us recording another music video for the song “Coastal Highway.” We also are getting added to Pandora radio in the following months and hopefully with fingers crossed will snag a slot at the Florida Music Festival. Followed by other festivals, other shows, and whatever else the good lord may bring. And all of this hard intensive labor to promote our new record Hugs From Distant Neighbors. If you haven’t already bought the record let me say shame on you! And If you have already bought the record then let me say… buy another one and buy a t-shirt too!

Work on a second album will begin as I head to Nashville, TN this weekend to discuss the logistics! Very exciting indeed.

I know… no rest for the weary!

Till Next Time,




Ladies & Gents,

Well then… whew. A whirlwind of epic proportions. I don’t even remember where we were last… let’s see… that’s right doing a radio interview and performing at the Pumpkin Festival. Well the radio interview was decent I think. Minus the fact that I was compared to the likes of Jewel by the interviewer, I almost hung up right there but gave him the benefit of the doubt. You see our producer had worked with her in the past so that was a reasonable assumption from someone who has absolutely no clue what he was talking about!! At least he didn’t compare me to Creed… lord help us all.

Pumpkin Festival….Ok enough about that show. Next.

Which leads us into following weekend where we shot the music video for the song “Good From The Start.” Music videos are always a bit strange. But they have to be done and normally the final outcome is totally worth it. Nice little three day shoot over the weekend. The crew and director were great. A tremendous shout out to Pat McDonnell for his generosity and passion behind the shoot. We were also lucky enough to snag the lovely acting skills of Britney Faith Rosoff and Casper the friendly Ford Galaxie as well. Spent all Friday and Saturday in Blountstown, FL shooting the car scenes. Plenty of gorgeous landscape and dirt roads which I now know are essential to any music video shoot. We did manage to land our self right smack in the middle of the “Annual Goat Festival.” Apparently a big deal… nothing like watching the locals walk there prize goats around town. Oh the plentyful of jokes that could follow that. I’ll let you make up your own on this one.

Sunday we shot the whole band and the extras at the bar Johnny Ringo’s. All of the extra’s that showed up were fantastic and a major thank you to Terry Clark for providing his superb management talent and keeping me sane. He kept the wheels on the track with his Irish tenacity and his ability to make grown men cry with his quick quips. That’s all you need you see to be a manager you see. You must posses the ability to insult while complementing, point fingers, and spend money.That’s it… I’m convinced of it.

After that headed over to Gainesville to play a Halloween bash at Backstage Lounge. The show was fantastic, crowd superb. Leading up to that great show was a comical event. Our bass player begins to walk up to me within seconds of arriving and says five words I will never forget again for the rest of my life “I FORGOT MY BASS GUITAR.” For fuck sake. Oh all things how do you forget your guitar? I mean you are traveling out of town…..you’re a musician….. and you forget your GUITAR??? Know that the disaster was adverted but really? I MEAN REALLY? C’mon!

With that said I have found myself at a lost for words.. I’m still emotionally a wreck trying to wrap my head around that.

Till next time.




Good day internet boys and girls,

What a week. Nothing but music biz. Going to be on the radio next Friday to promote our Gainsville show. I haven’t done a radio show in a few years so it will be interesting to see if I still have the quick wit!

Last weeks show was A1A Fantastic!! The crowd was brilliant for sure! Tried out some new songs and I think they worked quite well. The aftermath from the show was quite a scene. A certain girl, who shall remain nameless, was celebrating her birthday. To wrap up the details there are some pictures of me performing a lap dance on her circulating out there somewhere. Poor girl. I feel a bit cheated though … Isn’t it suppose to be the other way around?

Work begins on demos for the new record. Interesting to see what we shall get. Also in a few weeks we film the video for Good From The Start. That should be an event for sure! More on all that later though.

See you this week in Havana, FL. Something about a Pumpkin Festival and Rock and Roll and such. What the two have in common I have no idea. I just hope nobody starts launching pumpkins in my direction… orange is certainly not my color!! Going to be an acoustic show so it should be a piece of cake. Hopefully I get out in time to watch the Florida State Seminoles take on Boston College. The rest of the band and my friends are lucky little devils as I’m sure they will begin the celebration around 8 am. That’s right…. am. They’ve been known to party from time to time.

I’m going to go now and enjoy the rest of this weekend. I advise you do the same.

I’ll keep you posted on the pumpkins and such.

Till Next Time.

General DL



Well now… It’s been a little bit hasn’t it?

So much to tell so much I’m not going to tell you! I’ll skip all the dramatics and such and just get on with it then.

Since this is an introductory of sorts how about I catch you up on the news…

First, The Copperpots have replaced their old drummer. I know most of you are like “I didn’t know they lost the last one?” Well we did. Now you see anyone who knows my past relationships with drummers probably won’t take this as much of a surprise. To explain, it normally starts with some sort of discussion that ends with expletives, finger pointing, a door slamming, and then a scramble to figure out who is going to play the next gig! Have no fear though the new drummer is fierce and his favorite drummer is Jon Bonham so it can’t be all that bad right? Lord help us all when a drummer enters a room!

We did have a show somewhere in-between the mess of everything. I will say this…it was atrocious. It’s not every show that you get to have two amps go out, get punched in the face by your own microphone…. twice, manage to get lost in the middle of a song, and then to really put a thorn in the whole operation not even get to capitalize on all the free cocktails!!! What a travesty…My true apologies!

I find myself eagerly excited to play the upcoming shows. Up next is Krewe De Gras in Tallahassee, FL. I’ve only been there a few times and neither of those times I can remember it so it must be a brilliant establishment!

I’ll be sure to share the night’s events… 

Till Next Time.

Captain DL